June 20172nd Annual CityscapesFeatured Artists & Best in Show Winners


Traditional ArtTelagio Baptista

"Capitol Hill"
16" x 20", VFS

Telagio's passion for art began as a gifted child winning national awards in high school, and a scholarship to Art College. He also worked in numerous leading advertising agencies as an Art Director and owned a design studio in Hawaii for 20 plus years. Again, winning his share of design awards along his creative path.

At a youthful age, he was also a performing concert violinist and Concert Master for a symphony. This is why painting watercolors was a masters medium of choice for him to pursue and the very challenge that inspires him.

He started to evolve as a watercolorist in college and upon completion of his education he decided to set aside the brushes to pursue his career as a commercial artist in graphic design.

Telagio believes that watercolor is a magical and exotic medium that has no creative boundaries. This enhances a multitude of personal emotions to surface within the viewer. His primary focus is in color harmony using a limited palette. He also believes the eye should have a resting place while viewing his painting without distracting backgrounds.

Telagio's award-winning diversified watercolor paintings have been honored at juried Regional and International art shows, many of which are now in the homes of private collectors. He continues his artistic journey by actively participating in ongoing juried art shows. In addition, he conducts watercolor workshops regularly in Northern California.

Please visit Telagio's website if you are interested in seeing more of his work.

 Digital Art & PhotographyJeremiah Gilbert

"Hong Kong Temple"
12" x 16", $100

Jeremiah Gilbert is a college professor, award-winning photographer, and avid traveler. His travels have taken him to nearly seventy countries spread across five continents. His photography has been published internationally, in both digital and print publications, and has been exhibited in both the Unites States and Europe.

Please visit Jeremiah's website if you are interested in purchasing this award winning piece or if you would like to see more of his work.