October 20173rd Annual Figures & FacesFeatured Artists & Best in Show Winners


Traditional Art Nadine Manuel

Oil on Canvas
36" x 24", NFS

Nadine Manuel was a computer games artist for 8 years before embarking on her true passion as a portrait painter, using oil on canvas as her chosen medium. Born in Wales, United Kingdom to a father who loved to paint in oils, a love of this medium was nurtured in her from an early age.

Nadine went on to study illustration at The University of Westminster and animation at the Royal College of Art in London. Eventually landing a job as computer games artist for Blitz Games in the UK, creating concept art, textures and 3D models. Although she enjoyed being a computer games artist, she longed for self-expression and to create work that had strong personal meaning.

Nadine strives to capture expressions and moods in her portraits, sometimes revealed in a fleeting expression or a situation that gives clues to the person being portrayed. She likes to gain knowledge of the person she will paint, ideally through person-to-person interaction. Promoting a deeper understanding of the subject, she feels it is part of the joy of capturing the essence of the sitter.

Since 2008, Nadine has lived in Australia, England and Germany. She currently resides in Oakville, Ontario where she lives with her family.

Please visit Nadine's website if you are interested in seeing more of her work.

 Digital Art & PhotographyHarry Longstreet

"The History of Warsaw"
19" x 20", $750

After 25 years as a writer, producer and director of filmed entertainment, primarily for television, Harry Longstreet embarked on his second career as a photographer. Based in Washington State, Harry is always looking for images that speak to the human condition and the world around us. He favors ambient light and un-posed… unaware subjects.

No one just takes up space. The human condition is an entire canvas of thoughts, emotions and reactions to circumstances. In Harry’s photography, he tries to capture the truth about diverse people and how they live and reflect their respective spaces. His subjects never know they have been photographed. He doesn’t set-up or pose any shot and never shoots with anything but available light.

In the last ten years, he has had a number of one-man shows and his work has appeared in more than two hundred national and international juried exhibitions. Harry is twice a Single Image Merit Award recipient from Black & White Magazine and twice a Single Image Merit Award winner from Color Magazine. In 2013, he was awarded the Gold Medal (monochrome) in the International Varna Salon, and in 2014, he took Best in Show in the annual CVG Washington State competition.

When he is not busy with his wife, children and grandchildren, Harry keeps the creative juices flowing with his still photography.

Please visit Harry's website if you are interested in purchasing this award winning piece or if you would like to see more of his work.