July 2017The Natural WorldFeatured Artists & Best in Show Winners


Traditional ArtCher Anderson

"The Hunter"
Acrylic on Board
14" x 18", $794

Cher Anderson began her art career in 1980. She has a wide range of interests and uses different media to express her creativity. Having studied painting and graphic design, she has developed new skills through the years. Presently, she is a wildlife photographer, photorealistic painter and jewelry designer.

Every artist begins his or her career with a drawing, which aspires to become a masterpiece. For Cher, it began with a sketch of two running horses drawn in pencil, and a dream of drawing a face to realistic perfection. Through the years, her style, technique and choice of subject has evolved into what you see today - photorealistic wildlife.

Each painting is painstakingly worked on for hundreds of hours to create the depth and perfection of every hair, feather or blade of grass, layer by layer. Every animal subject was personally photographed and his or her personality revealed in each brush stroke.

Cher resides in Chandler, Arizona with her husband John where they are surrounded by their four legged friends on a 20-acre ranch. They rescue and breed wild animals including zebras and giraffes. With childhood passions for horses, they also breed Pure Spanish Horses.

Please visit Cher's website if you are interested in seeing more of his work.

 Digital Art & PhotographyJohn Moses

"Half Dome Illuminated"
Archival Pigment Print
13" x 20", $250

Born in West Reading, Pennsylvania, John Moses grew up with the rolling farmlands of Berks County and the low mountains east of Reading for landscapes. Thirty years ago, when he moved west to Fresno, California, he traded those tamer views for the vast stretches of San Joaquin agriculture and the distant peaks of the Sierra Nevada range. John has taught writing, literature, and film studies for over thirty-five years, first in Ohio and New York and then in California. Currently, he is head of the Film Program at Fresno City College and a founding member of Fresno Filmworks, a nonprofit film society in the Central Valley, serving as its President and Program Director before moving to its Advisory Board.

From an early age, John began looking at the world through a viewfinder. In his teens, he traded his Kodak Instamatic for a Minolta SR-T 101, built a darkroom in his parents’ basement, and later took photography and film classes in college. As a professor of film studies, much of his professional life has focused on image studies—teaching students to “read” the mise-en-scène and cinematography of motion pictures.

In 2015, John joined the Spectrum Art Gallery in Fresno, California, and has since exhibited more than 20 images there, mostly landscapes. He draws inspiration from visual and literary arts, but what he most enjoys is rambling through natural and urban settings with camera in hand. The chief intent behind his images is to present some new perspective to the viewer, to compose the ordinary in such a way as to make it seem extraordinary.

Please visit John's website if you are interested in purchasing this award winning piece or if you would like to see more of his work.