September 2016 Featured Artists

Best in Show Winners



Traditional Art

Brian LaSaga

"Beachwood Snag"
Acrylic on Wood Panel
17" x 14", $4000

For Canadian based artist, Brian LaSaga, nature is his muse and inspiration simply because of her endless subject matter and surprises. This collaboration offers him something he never even thought of. Although he prefers to paint nature themes, weathered objects and rural settings, he’s open to other things that may catch his eye. As an artist, Brian feels that he’s just a work in progress, and there is always something to learn.

Exploring and collecting material for paintings is a great adventure for him, and always a thrill to wonder what's around the bend or beyond that ridge. Brian likes to create a sense of place that is somewhere but nowhere in particular. He hopes each and every viewer sees and takes something a little different from his work and has an experience rather than just be viewing a picture. Brian’s goal is not to paint life, but to paint life into his work and create an emotional connection that he hopes will inspire his viewers.

Please visit Brian's website if you are interested in purchasing his award winning piece or if you would like to see more of his work.

 Digital Art & Photography

Annie Tsai

"Man and Ocean"
10" x 10", $122

Based in San Francisco, California, Annie Tsai is an upcoming photographer who began her photographic journey in 2011. Photography allows Annie to stop, observe, feel the environment, and tell stories from her heart. Annie believes and wants to show humanistic moments and features in her photography. Her recent works are mostly focused on nature, as she wants to show the mood and personalities of trees and ocean side.

Annie believes that every tree, every movement of the waves, every rock, has a story to tell. Through her daily local adventures in San Francisco and surrounding areas, Annie embraces her city even more, and hopes to inspire others to feel the same.

If you are interested in purchasing this award winning piece or seeing more of Annie's work, please visit her website or email Annie directly.