October 2016 Featured Artist


Lee BalanFuture ModernismOctober 5th-29th

For the  month of October Fusion Art presents Future Modernism by Palm Springs based Artist Lee Balan.

Lee is an experimental artist. Born in Detroit, Michigan, he studied at Wayne State University, Arizona State University and University of California at Long Beach.  He has a BA’s in Art and Sociology.

Lee has been working and exhibiting as an artist for more than thirty years.  He is also a poet and performance artist and his writing has appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines. For fifteen years, he worked as the Director for a mental health program emphasizing the benefits of art and writing to help clients control symptoms. He developed and facilitated several art and writing workshops.

He works with paint, assemblage, performance and installation-art. He uses Photoshop to create visual metaphors. Many of the images he uses were found on the Internet. Sometimes he takes photographs to include in his finished work. He uses filters to alter and warp the images he appropriates. He is concerned with the phenomenon of consciousness and the perception/creation of objects & images.

Since 2003, Lee has devoted his full attention to art.

Lee’s new series is based on the idea of future structures: architectural metaphors and changes in cultural values (influenced by new technology). This exhibition of Utopian and Dystopian futures is created with painting, digital photography, and mixed media. 

The exhibition will remain up in the gallery until October 29th.