January 2017 Featured Artist


Evie ZimmerModern Op ArtJanuary 7-31, 2017

For the  month of January 2017 Fusion Art presents Modern Op Art by Fusion Artist Evie Zimmer.

Evie is an American artist creating and teaching in Cleveland, Ohio. Her early work consists mainly of traditional portrait paintings, although she had always been drawn to the intricate design, and energetic beauty of op-art. Eventually, Evie began to explore her fascination and her work blossomed into her current mesmerizing style.

Evie's work has been described as a "strange loop" of process and product. Her oil paintings radiate an inherent energy not unlike traditional mandalas with acidic colors transforming into soothing pastels, and geometric patterns melting into exotically organic shapes.

To purchase any of these pieces, please contact the gallery directly.

The exhibition will remain up in the gallery until January 31st.