May 2016 Online Exhibition

Leaves & Petals

"There are always flowers for those who want to see them." ~Henri Matisse

Best in Show (Traditional)
"Magnolia Spotlight"
by Elizabeth Burin

Watercolor, 16.5" x 22.5", $675


Best in Show (Digital Art & Photography)
"Red Lily"
by Margaret King

Digital Art, 8" x 10", $75



Welcome to Leaves & Petals, Fusion Art's International Online Juried Art Exhibition for May 2016. We once again received a diverse collection of quality artwork from artists in over a dozen countries including the US, Canada, England, India, Australia, Pakistan, France, Russia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. For this competition artists and photographers were encouraged to share their artistic vision and interpretation of flowers, leaves, herbs, plants, shrubs, bushes, hedges and other botanical or floral subjects.  The artwork could range from realism to surrealism to abstraction.

Each month Fusion Art presents awards in two categories: Traditional Art and Digital Art & Photography. The Leaves & Petals Best in Show winners are Elizabeth Burin for her watercolor, “Magnolia Spotlight,” and Margaret King for her digital art, “Red Lily.” Both Elizabeth and Margaret are Fusion Art's Featured Artists for the month of May 2016. For more information about Elizabeth and Margaret please visit the Featured Artists page..

Other Leaves & Petals award winners include Second Place winners, Sara Bardin for her acrylic on canvas, "Red Velvet” and Jean Burnett for her digital art from photography on canvas, “Sleeping Beauty.” Third Place awards were given to Aisha Ismail for her watercolor, “The Forest Bed” and Youri Chasov for his digital painting on paper, “Mount5.” The remaining finalists in the exhibition all exemplify uniquely creative talents and we're once again honored to showcase their artwork on the Fusion Art website.

As always, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the competition participants. While not all the artwork that was submitted was selected for inclusion in the exhibition, this in not necessarily a reflection on any one artist's talent and/or skill.  It takes courage to put your art out there for critique by others and all the artists should be applauded for their efforts. We appreciate all of you sharing your extraordinary talent with us.

For anyone interested in purchasing any of the artwork in the exhibition, please contact the artists directly. Fusion Art does not engage in selling the artwork featured in any of its monthly online exhibitions. All purchase inquiries should be directed to the artist directly. You will find the artist's website and/or email information below their work.

Thank you for visiting our website and enjoy the exhibition!


2nd Place (Traditional)
"Red Velvet"
by Sara Bardin

Acrylic on Canvas, 30" x 40", NFS


2nd Place (Digital Art & Photography)
"Sleeping Beauty"
by Jean Burnett

Digital Art from Photography on Canvas, 32" x 36", $675



3rd Place (Traditional)
"The Forest Bed"
by Aisha Ismail

Watercolor, 48cm x 68cm, NFS


3rd Place (Digital Art & Photography)
by Youri Chasov

Digital Painting on Paper, 30" x 43", $2520



Online Exhibition Finalists