March 2017 Featured Artist


Alicia SavioDancing on AirMarch 1-31, 2017

For the  month of March 2017 Fusion Art presents Dancing on Air by Fusion Artist Alicia Savio.

Alicia is a Los Angeles based Contemporary Latin American artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  She won her first award for drawing at the young age of seven by entering a contest for the Continental Drawing School via correspondence. She then went on to participate in the Buenos Aires Botanical Gardens Plein Air competition, at the age of 14, and forgot her brushes! In a panic, she improvised and painted with her fingers, taking the First Place Award. Throughout her lifelong career in the arts, Alicia’s work has been exhibited in Argentina, Canada and the United States.

Alicia’s work primarily focuses on depicting forms in movement through vibrant colors.  A professional dancer herself, her dance career took her to the stages of the most renowned theatres of Argentina: El Nacional, Maipo, Astros, San Martin, and Cervantes. She toured throughout Latin America with the cast of "Tango Argentino” before traveling to the California where she fell in love with the scenery and warm climate.

Alicia’s work has been exhibited in universities, museums, privately owned galleries and feature films. She also created the artwork for the Los Angeles Tango Festival held at Paramount Studios in Hollywood and the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Recreation’s poster for "Tango Magic!" at the Hollywood Bowl.

Most recently, Alicia’s artistic focus has been on creating bronze dance sculptures. The delicately designed sculptures exquisitely portray both her experience and knowledge of the beautiful female form in motion.  Her featured exhibition at Fusion Art, “Dancing on Air” includes both her bronze dance sculptures and her newest series of dance paintings.

To purchase any of these pieces, please contact the gallery directly.

The exhibition will remain up in the gallery until March 31st.