April 2017 Featured Artists&Best in Show Winners2nd Annual Waterscapes


Traditional ArtNelson Hee

"Mooring 11"
18" x 24", $5,000

Born and raised in Hawaii, Nelson Hee has been living in the SF Bay Area for over 40 years – mostly in Marin County, California. After years of being a commercial designer/illustrator, Nelson decided to embark on creating his personal visualizations to share with others what he sees and maybe elicit an emotion that is undefined or undiscovered. To show what can't be seen and to talk about it without uttering a single word.

Nelson holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with distinctions in Print and Drawing from California College of the Arts (formerly California College of Arts and Crafts) and an MA in Medical Illustration (Biomedical Communications) from UC San Francisco, School of Medicine. He was a board-certified medical illustrator for 20 years.

Nelson’s art style is a visual vocabulary with a limited/restrained palette of color using simple strokes or stylized shapes to express an image. He wants to bring the human element back without competing with the digital or photographic mediums — strictly a hand-eye craft.

Watercolor is a very unforgiving medium although he has learned to control it. Nelson does a lot of planning when he paints and works in a very methodical way. He has always felt that good art is not unlike good writing or good music. He does his art to make himself feel good and to make others feel better!

“The Mooring Series” is a watercolor collection of just that. Initially, he just liked the idea as a subject matter but as things progressed, he wondered WHY he was doing this. What was the metaphor? We are all attached to something/someone that offers us security/comfort of sorts or bondage. Some of us have been moored so long that we have gathered the barnacles and whatever influences from the tides of Life. Some of us break away early but others maintain their hold until their final days when they cannot maintain their strength – burdened by years of buildup, becoming brittle, snap and fall away ­— to be replaced by a new tether.

Please visit Nelson's website page or email him if you are interested in purchasing his award winning piece or if you would like to see more of his work.

 Digital Art & PhotographyAlexandru Popovski

"Tropical Sky"
30" x 40", $750

Alexandru an amateur photographer working basically in seascape and underwater photography. He wants to show the beauty of the costal nature and how it can be seen with the photo camera utilizing special techniques such as long exposure that gives more dramatic feel to the image.

Please visit Alexandru's website if you are interested in purchasing this award winning piece or email him if you would like to see more of his work.