August 2016
Monthly Winners


Traditional Art

- Speed Limit 45- Acrylic on Canvas- 18x22- $900-

2nd Place - Tighe Hanson
"Speed Limit 45"

Acrylic on Canvas, 18" x 22", $900

Dividing up the canvas has been part of Tighe Hanson’s painting for years. Lately, he has been dividing up the source pictures and painting them square by square. Originally, he was thinking of how drawings, or other sources, have been transferred into murals. However, since he paints square by square there isn't an exact correspondence. Each square is a kind of abstract painting of its own that resolves into a more or less realistic image.

Using a grid eliminates too much thinking, about the composition and any meaning. The squares come together in a way that is somewhat unexpected; a combination of the programmatic and the unplanned. There is also a contrast between the systematized squares and the looseness of the painting, and a contrast with the parts of the painting that don't fit into the squares. The painting makes itself and it isn't clear if or how it will work until the last square is painted. He feels that there is room for undirected "thought", both for himself and the viewer.

If you want to purchase this award winning piece or to see more of his artwork, please email Tighe directly or visit his website.

Digital Art & Photography

- Naked Cowboy- Harry Longstreet- Photography- 24x20- $750-

2nd Place - Harry Longstreet
"Naked Cowboy"

Photography, 24" x 20", $750

Harry Longstreet is retired after twenty-five years as a writer, producer and director of filmed entertainment, primarily for television. When he’s not busy with his wife, children and grandchildren, he keeps the creative juices flowing with his still photography.

He’s always looking for images that speak to the human condition and the world around him. He favors ambient light and unposed, unaware subjects. In the last ten years he’s had a number of one-man shows and his work has appeared in more than two hundred national and international juried exhibitions.

Harry is twice a Single Image Merit Award recipient from Black & White Magazine and twice a Single Image Merit Award winner from Color Magazine.  In 2013, he was awarded the Gold Medal (monochrome) in the International Varna Salon, and in 2014, he took Best in Show in the annual CVG Washington State competition.

If you want to purchase this award winning piece or to see more of his photography, please email Harry directly or visit his website.



- Study in Light and Form- The Wrigley- Tribune- and Medinah Spires- Jack Nixon- Graphite on Paper- 48x60- $150-000-

3rd Place - Jack Nixon
"Study in Light and Form, The Wrigley, Tribune, and Medinah Spires"

Graphite on Paper, 48" x 60", $150,000

Jack Nixon is an artist who lives and works in Wilmette, Illinois. With the belief that architecture is the art that defines our aesthetic sensibilities more than any other form of visual expression and inspired by history's great masters: the 18th c. Italian printmaker Giombattista Piranesi; the beautiful French engravings of the architectural antiqities Description de l'Egypte; the imaginative mid 19th c. École des Beaux-Arts watercolor reconstructions of ancient Roman and Greek temples; and John James Audubon, Jack Nixon saw the potential for new, high quality graphics of America's historic buildings, monuments, and decorative stone fragments that could rival the golden era of etchings and engravings of ancient Rome, Athens, and Saqqara. With a unique vision and the expressive and technical power to convey that vision to the viewer, Jack has produced a series of master original graphite drawings called: "Classic Chicago: The Art of Architecture."

Working graphite on paper, self-supplied with hundreds of photographs for reference, he achieves a special vision of Chicago that goes beyond reality.  This award winning piece, the Wrigley, Tribune, and Medinah Spires drawing casts a pleasing balance of three spectacular buildings in the best possible light and juxtaposition. According to curator of the Union League Club of Chicago, Dennis Loy, Jack has subtly crafted a strong contrast between man's hard, linear, vertical edifice with nature's soft, billowing sky that creates a forceful three-dimensional confrontation with the viewer and these historic structures that bysteps weak cliches associated with minor, less adroit illustration. A master of Realism, displaying a new standard of old-world representation, Jack provides us a uniquely contemporary view of architecture as art.

If you want purchase this award winning piece or to see more of his artwork, please email Jack directly.

- Sunset Over Manama Bahrain- Brian Ashworth- Digital Photograph- 2196x1647- NFS-

3rd Place - Brian Ashworth
"Sunset Over Manama Bahrain"

Digital Photography, 2196px x 1647px, NFS

Brian Ashworth is a technology professional currently based in the North West of England, having lived and worked in various countries around the world.

Brian has a lifelong interest in photography. Largely self-taught, his subjects are diverse and wide-ranging, mainly driven by spontaneous attraction to a compelling, enigmatic image. He is inspired by compositions featuring intriguing perspectives and an ambiance that invites the viewer to exercise their imagination, participate in the narrative and consider what may lie beyond its borders.

In addition to more traditional photography, when one of his cameras developed a sensor fault Brian saw an opportunity to experiment and create a series of unusual and thought-provoking abstract digital images.

This award winning piece is not for sale but please email Brian directly or visit his webpage if you would like to see more of his photography.