"Nude" Winners

Twenty-eight artists were chosen to participate in Fusion Art's third quarterly group exhibition. All the artists who participated in the competition have uniquely creative talents but the winners chosen exemplify a mastery in their chosen craft. Below are the biographies and/or artist's statements along with the artist's websites.

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Congratulations again to all the winners and thank you for sharing your incredible talent with us.



Alexandra Anastassov

Alexandra Anastassov was born in Casablanca, Morocco, in a frenchbulgarian family. She lived there until her 18, before moving abroad to France, and Chile. She immersed herself in many fields of study, including literature&arts, music, computing, marketing, publicity and photography. Cultural & geographical multiplicity in her life made her develop unstable, moving and ephemeral connections with people and the environment. She started to use photography as a tool to recover and build an identity, a memory, to connect with the world and tell stories. Freezing a moment in time , an idea, an intention that is meant to die, underline its beauty, fragility and emotional power.

Pieces of Beautiful Hurt Women
Pieces of Beautiful Hurt Women started with interrogations about the perception of the body as a hurt women. How do I feel? How do I see myself?, if my own body is an instrument of pain and also a representation of exquisiteness? The collection regroups girls who all suffered from different abuses (raped, battered, harassed..) Far from presenting these women as victims, the pictures pretend to underline the delicateness and fragility of their beauty. Recovering the grace is recovering the power and mystic emerging from a naked woman body.

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Cher Anderson

Cher has always had an eye for beauty, and there is nothing more beautiful than a woman’s body. In her studio, on her husband’s and her ranch, she creates stories in the stages, props and looks of each woman. With her imagination, she brings to life the sentiment of the dream. Whether it is the Spanish damsel awaiting her matador to return to her alive, or the “Spirit of Fire” dancing with the flames in the dark of night, these images are created and carried to completion until they become nothing short of an artful masterpiece.

Cher has been an artist since 1980 with a wide range of interest in different media to express her creativity. Having studied painting and graphic design, she has developed new skills through the years. Presently, a wildlife photographer, fine art photographer, and photorealistic painter. She resides in Chandler, Arizona with her husband John where they are surrounded by their four legged family on a 20 acre ranch. They rescue and breed wild animals including zebras and giraffes. With childhood passions for horses, their family is extended to breeding and raising the amazing Pure Spanish Horses as well.

To see more of Cher's work please visit her website.



Cadoc's piece is representative of a collection of 60 works spanning 60 years of Playboy magazine, providing an exploration of the commercial depiction of the female nude across six decades. Documenting changes in societal mores and values of acceptability the collection records the progressive development of a commercial formulaic depiction devoid of the sensual artistry intrinsic to earlier decades.

To see more of Cadoc's work please visit his website.





Linda Austin

Linda Austin’s art began with crayons – melted to create semi-abstract mountains, flowers, trees, snow and rivers. For a while she painted with acrylics and watercolors until asthma let her know it was time to retire the paints, brushes and canvas. Undeterred, Linda captured landscapes, people and animals with her camera.

Linda grew up in Atlanta, Georgia USA, but, she was always a hermit at heart. She spent many years living in a house in Maine built in the 1700s, located on a dead end dirt road that forked off a dead end road, surrounded by rolling hills and trees and her 4 dogs. Linda took her camera on car and bike rides with her husband, Bruce. She would lie down on the ground to capture a specific angle, stand too close to the edge to look into a ravine. She loves exploring the quiet, the unusual, and, the overlooked.

Linda is fascinated with technology which she mastered on her own. She used a computer to create collage poetry. She enjoyed the building blocks of phrases and sound as much as the unusual scenes that could be created with disparate words. It was a natural progression from collage poetry to digital collage art. She combines digital papers, photos and digital paint to create her art. She no longer plans her work since she discovered that just sitting down & adding things to her digital canvas allows her subconscious to speak. She says, “It’s as if I’m not creating, someone else is.” Her goal is to create images that people can’t stop looking at.

When viewing her art, Cathrine Blan stated, “Linda has an ineradicable talent for seeing something amazing in something simple.” Linda likes pastel colors but it is usually dark deep rich tones that mark her work. Linda’s work has been published in Magazine GSP Digital, and, Living the Photo Artistic Life. She recently won first place in the Contemporary Art Gallery Online, All Women Competition with her digital image “Alchymist.”

To view more of Linda's work please visit her website.


Ron Brown

People have been attracted to the nude body since the beginning of time. From Sculptors, to Painters, and Photographers in today's world. While some may find it offensive, most artists find it very pleasing, and always in demand by the public. I have always been a fan of nude art, and this will never change. I try capturing nude models that appreciate my love of art, along with their love of modeling for the artist.

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Lynn Chen

Chen was educated at National Taiwan University of Arts from 1987 to 1991. Even graduated with a Bachelor from Design Department, She had involved herself in a variety of Fine Arts learning that were still the nurture for her growth and development in painting. To meet the challenge of being superior to her previous self in creation, she had made an effort to enter for the juried exhibitions hosted by Taiwan Arts Associations in 1999 to 2013, won many awards including 12 gold medals, and, therefore, qualified and invited as a member of Tai-Yang Art Society. Since then she has continued to participate annually in Art Exhibitions and invited to hold solo exhibitions at the public.

Her art philosophy, however, is to create a new style of painting with Oriental language and artwork of goodness, beauty, and truth for sharing with this Universe and expressing the positive power of “Love”. Starting from June 2016, she has actively participated in international juried art competitions and exhibitions. This year an exhibition of her artwork will be held at XIth Florence Biennale, 2017. Right now, she lives and works in Chia-yi, Taiwan.

To see more of Lynn's work please visit her website.




Amelia Erskine

Amelia Erskine, 22, began taking photographs three months ago in April 2017. She started by taking photographs of her friends and family; but, in her recent work, she has turned the lens on herself in order to document the feelings of vulnerability, sensuality, and introspection that accompany being a young woman in America. She is entirely self-taught.

Erskine’s nude portraits are reaction against the way that the female body is so often filtered through the male gaze in fine art photography. In her work, she seeks to subvert the sexuality of the female body by taking photographs that are deeply personal, emotional, and—perhaps most critically—flawed. Her work often avoids depictions of conventional beauty and instead explores the liminal space between vulnerability and discomfort, tangible and intangible. Her images have a raw, found-photography style. Her deliberate aesthetic creates intimacy between the photographs and the viewer as well as enhances the viewer’s sense of surrealism: her images are unflinchingly probing and as a result we don’t want to look away. This is the very beginning of her journey as a photographer.

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Thomas Fogliani

Now living in Todos Santos Mexico, I’ve been fortunate to have spent time on both U.S. Coasts with considerable travel outside the U.S. My studies have included New York University, Art Students League of NY, and ICP and I've been graced wth the good fortune to assist many wonderful artists and photographers on both a short and long term experience. My current project is an exploration of thy “whys” of the many wonderful moments of my journey.

To see more of Tom's work please email him directly.



Ellen Hart

My work reflects my faith in God, love of nature, positive outlook on life and childlike exuberance. I choose bright colors to give my work a happy, uplifting quality. 3-D elements are often incorporated into my paintings to further express my playful nature. My newest works are in a style I created that I call “In Depth 3D.” This innovative new style of painting needs to be viewed to fully understand. My art as is a visual story. Exactly what that story is will be different for each viewer. Acrylic is my main media with mixed media elements added to all of my 3-D and In Depth 3-D artwork. My signature is a raised, heart seal with the initial “E” in the center. I chose this as my signature because my family is descended from royalty and signatures originated from the king’s signet ring that was used to make a seal on official documents. My “seal” is affixed to my artwork to authenticate my work.

To see more of Ellen's work please visit her website.


Richard Herold

Richard received his MFA from Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles,CA and has been exhibiting in galleries for many years. He considers the male form, nature's most complete perfection. He never lacks inspiration from its infinite variations and mood. The sexual and psychic aspect of the male body is an enticing challenge to present to the public in all of its manifestation, in spite of religious moral judgements and societies" taboos.

To see more of Richard's work please visit his website.


Ron P. Jaffe

Simple, I love photography...

To see more of Ron's work, please email him directly.


Caren Keyser

Caren Keyser’s unique style derives it’s subject from the paint itself as she works intuitively from her imagination. Much of her work is on Yupo, a glossy synthetic paper, where the acrylic paint creates excitement from abstract lines and brushwork. It is within the initial field of color that Caren Keyser discovers her subject. Much like a sculptor she reveals the figure bit by bit until all the components of the work settle into place. When that artwork tells a story or expresses an emotion it is perfection.

To see more of Caren's work, please visit her website.


Kimberly King

Kimberly King lives and works in the DMV area. Her numerous group exhibitions include Montpelier Cultural Art Center in Laurel, MD and Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA, and the Pittsburg Center for the Arts in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Public collections include Healing Spaces Mural at the Children’s Hospital Adolescent Center, Washington DC. For the past nine years she has worked as a secondary school art educator in Washington DC.

To see more of Kimberly's work, please visit her website.


Brent Klooster

Photography for me is an escape from my primary career. As I have progressed on my personal fitness journey I have become fascinated with the human figure. I began with the intent of a simple documentation of my friend’s progress through his own fitness transformation. Many times what would begin as a hike would turn into an impromptu shoot. I use black and white to capture each chiseled detail in every muscle, every crack in the rocks, every leaf.

To see more of Brent's work, please email him directly.


Donald Knight

Donald Knight loves to photograph the beauty of nature from landscapes to wildlife and especially the human figure. He has shown and sold some of his work at the juried Seattle Erotic Art Festival.

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Zachary Lim

Born and raised in Singapore, Zachary’s parents were from China and neither of them have had much education. However, his father had a very open mindset and is trendy. They were both supportive of whatever he pursued. In the 1960s -1970s, his reward and prizes for doing well in school were not toys but instead, watercolour paint sets, stationery like papers and pen, a guitar and a camera. Zachary started photography at the age of 8. He has always been sensitive and feel strongly for lines and colours of various forms. Whenever his father took him out to shop for toys or story books, the ones that are beautifully crafted will always be his choices. Zachary started drawing around the age of 7 or 8. Only sketches though, he didn't really colour much then. Out of all, he loved to sketch portrait and drew one of himself at the age of 10. During the years of his National service, he met many people and made many friends. It was then when he understood that in the face of reality, being able to support himself and his family is more important to him than the arts. Soon after, he chose photography as his career. During the 20 years when he was in photography, he would still draw or paint in his free time. Zachary tried out many different materials of painting and finally fell in love with oil on canvas.

Zachary is a seasoned artist for the past 15 years. Painting for his personal enjoyment and in memory of his late father, Zachary is a self-taught artist who uses oil predominantly as a medium for his expression. Having been a photographer for 20 years and an artist all his life, Zachary’s keen eye for shapes and colours is reflected in the richness of his works, which showcase his signature three-dimensional, multi-faceted, textured touch. A self-written poem that accompanies each piece of work is his distinctive way of complementing the beauty of his creations. His style is best described as a meld of romanticism with both classical and modern art forms.

In 2007 and 2008, Zachary held two solo exhibitions at the Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore and Carcosa Seri Negara in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia respectively. The charity exhibition in Kuala Lumpur graced by His Holiness and The Twelfth Gyalwang Drukpa, was an overwhelming success and Zachary’s creations were purchased by guests from all over the world, including those from United Kingdom, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore.

Currently, Zachary is having his 3rd solo exhibition at Pan Pacific Singapore. An artist who is passionate about his craft, Zachary also contributes actively to arts education in his community. Having been deprived of formal training despite discovering his talent at a tender age, Zachary’s aspiration is to help other budding artists develop their passion and chase their dreams. He organizes workshops regularly to share his techniques and ideation process to help, in his own personal way, build a more vibrant arts scene in Singapore.

To see more of Zachary's work, please visit his website.



Richard McKey

In his development as a professional artist, McKey has been characterized by a sense of experimentalism. Rather than establishing a specific style, he has instead focused on exploring new mediums and techniques throughout his career. McKey attributes this interest in innovation and originality to his “need to create.” Driven by this inventive urgency, McKey additionally cites an eagerness for artistic challenge as causation for his production of nude paintings. In its sophistication and complexity, the figure has proved a captivating subject for McKey, and his works featuring the nude form evidence his emotive capacity, creative diversity, and technical finesse.

After studying at Belhaven University, Richard McKey entered the business world with his construction company, initially honing his professional skills and craftsmanship by making cabinets. However, in his early forties, McKey transitioned into his artistic career, now having spent twenty years producing full-time in Jackson, Mississippi. In 2009, he opened Fondren Art Gallery, an art and frame shop that houses the work of over twenty local and international artists. Today the artist and gallery owner primarily focuses on his painting, but additional interests include ceramics and metalwork. With his decades of experience in the field of fine arts, McKey now contributes to the local artistic community by providing lessons to individuals interested in developing their own creative skills. When he’s not creating, framing, or teaching, McKey plays blues and jazz music, practicing with one of his many instruments in the gallery’s makeshift recording studio.

To see more of Richard's work, please visit his website.


Nicole M.

Even though I have spent my educational years in the United States, I am originally from Montreal and made it my home in early 1990. After spending close to 27 years working as an IT tech support and development specialist, a serious back injury forced me to take a leave of absence. Last year, during an art class, the teacher described me as a ‘recovering artist’, this statement redefined me and as a result, I discovered my passion for art. I quickly found my own artistic technique and my painting style, though different has been translated as fearless, and can be categorized as contemporary or abstract. My artistic journey has permitted me to progress as a self-taught artist and enjoy working with acrylic mediums. The possibilities of creative expression on canvas are limitless and find that my way of thinking which is out of the box is often depicted in my work.

To see more of Nicole's work, please email her directly.


Earle Murphy

After graduating from MassArt in 1974 with a Bachelor’s degree in painting Earle Murphy moved to the west coast in 1976. Over the years his painting eventually gave way to digital artwork. In general, he works with images altering the pictures to unimaginable degrees. His creations combine aspects of Cubism, Surrealism, Abstract Expression, and are the unification all the “isms” within the known world of Art. By exploring line, color, composition and space, he produces works that are both playful, intricate and bewildering.

To see more of Earle's work, please email him directly.


Adam Ostrowski

Adam is from Michigan, born in 1987, and currently teaches at Eastern Michigan University. Adam's studio practice is propelled from his love for the figure, and thrives on how he sees the body as it exists in a society obsessed with youth, beauty, and power. Editing the female body and defining female beauty has a long history through out human existence. (The Judgment of Paris) Even in art the female form is not only a subject (Olympia, Rokeby Venus) but also a form of art (The reclining nude). The female nude blurs the borders of art and the obscene, especially when used commercially, it is both concept and medium. "the Venus" worshipped as a goddess in ancient cultures (Venus of Willendorf) and arguably today (Beyonce, Kim Kardasian). The female body is simultaneously venerated and abused to achieve the "ideal" form, or arrangement of fat. We are taught to consume and judge with words like hog body, and muffin top. Adam's work explores the duplicity of the "Venus" as a form worthy of worship and reconstruction by the male gaze.

To see more of Adam's work, please visit his website.


Peter Shepherd

I am an emerging artist at 70, as I enter my elder years. In my art practice, I want to draw viewers into experiences I have had. Starting with this impulse, often shifting from realism to a more metaphorical visual language, my photographs are an eclectic mix of styles connected by a love for the important detail.

To see more of Peter's work, please email him directly.


Adeline Sides

Born in Switzerland, I moved in the early 1980's to the U.S. where I connected with a circle of artists and eclectics. They deepened my appreciation for the arts, refined my eye and awakened my own desire to partake in a world where creativity and self-expression is held in high esteem. In photography I found the medium to unleash my visual ideas. Creating images is a means of reflecting upon the world around us. The challenge is to see the extraordinary in the ordinary and find the essence that captivates. In most of my work this essence is a figurative study. Exploring the human expression of emotions and physicality is an infinite subject matter. My style oscillates between sensual, dreamy, sometimes composited images and realistic, modern and photojournalistic captures. These expressions are as varied as life itself, the ultimate source of inspiration.

To see more of Adeline's work, please visit her website.


Jane Silver

Jane Silver is a mixed media artist living in Takoma Park, MD. She combines traditional silk painting and watercolor with digital technology, and prints her designs on silk panels using an inkjet printer. She has recently exhibited her work at the Montgomery Artist’s Association Gallery, in Women’s Caucus for Art group shows, and in Takoma Park venues. Jane is also an art educator with a BA from University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MAT from Trinity College in Washington, DC, who recently completed a teaching career in Maryland public schools. Jane’s art shows archetypal images of women. Women as goddesses, women as mothers, women trapped by societal conventions, women breaking free of expectations, women coming together in work or anger, women embodying strength in old age. She also looks at contrasts in nature, symmetry and disorder or the tranquility of a garden versus the swift movement of a storm and often depicts women in these natural settings, showing the beauty of both the creative and destructive aspects of life.

To see more of Jane's work, please email her directly.


Ajuan Song

AJuan Song is a multimedia artist whose work utilizes analog and digital photography and alternative processing to create abstract imagery. Her work has been exhibited internationally including the Museum of Russian Art, CICA Museum, and K&P Gallery. Selected work has been published through Art Yellow Book and IGNANT. She has studied at International Centre of Photography and Pratt Institute and is a member at Penumbra Foundation and Manhattan Graphic Center. She was born in China and is currently living and working in New York.

To see more of Ajuan's work, please visit her website.




Sandie Srigley

Sandie Srigley is a fifth generation Californian. She was raised on the family ranch in Walnut Creek where she learned craft arts, quilting, painting, crocheting, knitting and cooking from her paternal grandmother. It was on the ranch where Sandie developed her love of horses and the equestrian skills that would give her enjoyment through her entire life. After college, she studied art and photography at Cunard Art Institute in Los Angeles and took painting lessons under Jade Fon Woo. Raising four girls while pursuing a successful career in Real Estate left no time for art, but after relocating to the Monterey Peninsula in 2002, she picked up her paint brushes and began re-developing her talents.

Sandie is a multi-medium artist; at home with sketching, drawing and painting in acrylics and oil. Over time, her technique has broadened and matured as a consequence of studying under a wide range of talented professionals here in the Monterey Peninsula, including Warren Chang, Marie Gillmore, Marie Massey and Mark Farina. In addition, as Sandie and her husband, Rick, travel, she takes the opportunity to study under professional artists local to those areas, such as Marge Kinney and Carloyne Hawley in Southern California and Fred Tangalin in Kawai. In September 2016, Sandie and Rick drove to southeastern Colorado where Sandie studied equestrian painting with Jill Soukup at the Zapata Ranch.

Sandie’s topics are varied, including animals, landscapes, seascapes and portraits. She has done commissioned work for pet owners who wished to memorialize their pets. Sandie’s work has hung in several corporate office buildings, the Pebble Beach Post Office and in the homes of several private collectors on the Monterey Peninsula. In addition to being a talented painter, Sandie is expert at complex crocheting and gourmet gluten-free baking. Sandie, her husband and her two horses reside in Pebble Beach.

To see more of Sandie's work, please email her directly.


Tina Ybarra

Although I think of my art as extremely personal, I believe the themes are somewhat universal. The subject matter will likely include inequalities pertaining to gender, race, or social status. I think art should change the world, and the value of such an endeavor goes without question. Yet, the energy and liberation associated with creating spontaneous imagery is just as noble an undertaking. I am often inspired by things I see on TV. I am delighted with the mere notion that reality TV serves as impetus for art. However, more often than not, my own reality becomes the subject of my work―expelling my darkest fears, revealing pent up frustrations, or releasing my deepest hopes.

To see more of Tina's work, please visit her website.








Jocelyn Young

Jocelyn’s love of photography traces back to film, both color and black-and-white. She has transitioned to digital and has received most of her digital camera training from Santa Fe Photographic Workshops in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The knowledgeable instructors and wide variety of workshops provided her a tremendous opportunity to learn various aspects of digital photography in a truly beautiful setting. Jocelyn has taken many photography workshops including landscape, macrophotography, black and white, master classes, and lighting. These workshops have allowed her to develop her own style of what to shoot and how to shoot it. She has also forged some deep friendships with both instructors and fellow classmates.

People have always thought Jocelyn a little different. She never knew quite how to handle this difference – was it a good thing? Or a bad thing? After years of learning and experimenting with the digital camera and shooting seemingly everything under the sun, she finally took a deep introspective look at who she really was. She realized that she is different, and maybe a little weird. But she also realized that it is this differentness and weirdness that gives her a unique perspective and forms the basis for her photography. She realized that she loves biology, especially animals, and water. So that is what she has focused her photographic attention on. Using her backyard pool, she photographed people under the water with her underwater camera. Her main model is her 16-year-old daughter, an excellent swimmer and diver, and an enthusiastic accomplice in these photographic journeys.

Jocelyn considers photographing animals a very personal experience. Having a connection with the animal subject allows the photographer to capture the true personality of the subject, the depth and intelligence often hidden within. Jocelyn’s connection allows the animal to relax and feel safe, and she feels that it is only then that one can truly capture that spirit in a photograph. All of the members of Jocelyn’s zoo of animals have been subjects in her photographs. She loves her animal friends and appreciates having easy access to the “crew” so that when ideas pop up, they are ready to help out … only requiring some petting and a few treats.

Jocelyn’s training as a biologist is also seen in her fascination with animal skulls. She uses her personal collection of skulls to photograph and display the beauty of the animals even after their death. She prefers using a macro lens to search for those parts of the skulls that seem to hold hidden interest and mystery.

Finally, Jocelyn has also become enamored with the unique world of infrared photography. Using a camera that was specifically converted for infrared, she has captured images in water, of animals, people, and other subjects. She finds the softness of the infrared images to provide a unique perspective, whether in black-and-white or using the creative colors of infrared.

To see more of Jocelyns work, please email her directly.


Mara Zaslove

Born in Burbank, CA, Mara Zaslove received her BA from UC Berkeley and her MA and MFT from Cal State, Northridge. Her photography has been showcased in juried exhibits across the U.S. and internationally including the 8th Julia Margaret Cameron Award held in Berlin, the ‘Art Classic’ exhibition at the Millard Sheets Art Center and the PH21 Gallery in Budapest, Hungary. She has acted as the moderator for several artist critique groups through the Los Angeles Art Association and curated an exhibition for l.a. photo curator. The images from her series ‘Lifecycle’ have received recognition in numerous shows including L.A. Artcore, ‘Bold Beauty’ at Pilates and Art in Echo Park, Biscailuz Gallery, Soho Gallery in NYC, Tag Gallery, Los Angeles Center of Photography, Groundspace Project and the Topanga Canyon Gallery. A ‘Showcase Portfolio’ of her work has recently been published in the Shadow and Light Magazine. Mara currently lives and works in Santa Monica, California.

To see more of Mara's work, please visit her website.