"Open" Winners

Fifteen artists were chosen to participate in Fusion Art's second quarterly group exhibition. All the artists who participated in the competition have uniquely creative talents but the winners chosen exemplify a mastery in their chosen craft. Below are the biographies and/or artist's statements along with the artist's websites.

Visit the Open exhibition page and contact the artists directly for purchases or to see more of their work.

Congratulations again to all the winners and thank you for sharing your incredible talent with us.







Kathy Brady

Kathy Brady is originally from the Bronx but also has a house upstate in the Catskill Mountains of New York. She is a rare middle brained person so she appreciates and understands the practical, logical side of life as well as the beautiful and ethereal world of the artist. Kathy works in Connecticut for an investment advisor, Colchester Investment Counsel, and while she enjoys the intensity of the stock market, her artistic side yearns for something in the creative realm.

Her passion for photography began as a little girl, along with her deep love of animals and nature. She is self-taught and loves pure, natural photos. Her specialty is zooming in on living subjects so their personalities and uniqueness can be better seen by all. She loves all subjects, however, and has photos of people and places too! She adores the outdoors and her faithful sidekick, a gorgeous German shepherd, enjoys their road trips in search of the amazing wonders out there. When that camera “clicks” and she knows she nailed the shot it is the best feeling in the world for her - to be able to capture a moment in time never again to be seen or re-created…for each photo is unique.

Kathy is a fan of Canon equipment and carries a number of cameras and lenses as long as she has one at hand at all times – as you just never know when an opportunity will present itself. The eye behind the lens matters as much as the subject in front of it. Kathy is greatly inspired by wild animals and loves when they trust her enough to let her take their picture. She respects their space and they seem to sense she will do no harm to them. Wolves, bears, moose, whales, butterflies, frogs, mountains, creeks, etc. – she loves all of God’s amazing creations and feels blessed by their beauty. She hopes her photographs ignite a deeper appreciation of the creatures in the world around us.

Please visit the Open Exhibition page to see a small body of Kathy's very talented photography. To purchase any of these beautiful photographs or see more of Kathy's work please visit her website.





Christopher Paul Brown

I view myself primarily as an alchemist. The mundane surface of things interests me as fodder, as a means or lever, for revealing the deeper, inner energy of that which holds my emotional interest. Manipulation allows me ready access to the subject’s hidden aspects. The act is a partial disrobing; it is a process only the audience can complete.

Think of me as an outsider artist. This aptly reflects an ability to wend my way among various milieus, and an inability to call any of them home. I am a primitive hunter-gatherer rather than a modern urban agrarian. My process depends on engaging two polar opposites: intent and openness. The result is a channeling of energies beyond myself. I become a conductor of energy, like a wire conducting electricity or a lens conducting light. Mystics, and now even String Theory scientists, describe our world as having eleven dimensions. I feel that I explore some portion of these unnamed dimensions with my art.

In each of my photographs I have used, and deliberately misused, in-camera and/or post-production manipulation. With digital photography I shoot promiscuously and playfully, but with a constancy of intent and openness. I expect surprise and serendipity. Post-production is much the same, with play, serendipity, surprise, intent and openness dominating the process. At every step of the way I perceive the involvement of energies beyond myself.

For me, a strong image offers a vision beyond the surface. It has a multi-dimensionality that offers depth and richness; these images can “tell” different stories to different people. With my work, these are never linear stories. Rather, they are subterranean and unconscious, like wordless shards that are the remains of dreams upon awakening.

Please visit the Open Exhibition page to see a small body of Christopher's very talented photography. To purchase any of these beautiful photographs or see more of Christopher's work please visit his website.


Kaitlyn Coglianese

Kaitlyn Coglianese is a US based photographer. Photography for Kaitlyn is a way to be able to tell a story but to also evoke a feeling. In her art Kaitlyn would like to take you away on a journey through the lens. Her art captures an essence in the beauty of places, wildlife, and objects. Using the medium of photography allows Kaitlyn to express different ideals.

Please visit the Open Exhibition page to see a small body of Kaitlyn's very talented photography. To purchase any of these beautiful photographs or see more of Kaitlyn's work please email her.


Donald Coleman

All my life I've been fascinated by the fact that people can create something beautiful out of nothing never thinking I really had a talent for it I really never pursued it but then once I decided to step over the line there was no turning back for me I don't hold to the standard that you should use only three or four colors maximum I love to experiment and put his many colors on sometimes I can just to see how they blend together and how they come out I think that's what makes some of these paining so spectacular like any good painting hanging on the wall with the right lighting these colors completely explode in your presence that's what makes me excited about them I hope you enjoy them.

Please visit the Open Exhibition page to see a small body of Donald's very talented artwork. To purchase any of these beautiful paintings or see more of Donald's artwork please email him.






Chris Cox

Chris Cox is a Bristol, Rhode Island based maker of sculptural maquettes and their subsequent large scale realizations. In his own words, “I dream myself tiny to see my artworks at monumental scale, I do this until I can create them larger.” At thirty years of age, with a large scale sculptural public art installation currently on view in Providence, RI entitled POD, Chris still considers himself an emerging artist, due to his limited portfolio and previous maintenance of a level of anonymity when it came to his art.

Despite his lack of formal artistic training, Chris gained valuable experience in the different aspects of fabricating and restoring high quality sculptures while an employee at Amaral Custom Fabrications, laboring on art works by the likes of Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, and Alexander Calder, whose influences can be detected in Mr. Cox’s unique stylistic approach. While still in his late teens, Chris was diagnosed with schizophrenia. As part of his periods of psychosis he becomes obsessed with the creation of new works, primarily sculptural maquettes. Most of what Chris feels is his best work comes from these manic states, as if the power to create them is temporarily given to him by some higher power. Expressions of different aspects of Chris’s self-found spirituality are scattered throughout his body of works as subtle visual metaphors.

Currently Chris has just entered the beginning stages of negotiating the commission for a rotating series of six related sculptures of medium-large scale as public art project to be installed in the same park as his premier public sculpture POD. He hopes to then complete this series with a grand finale in the form of a monumental scale version of the sculpture River Crab, at no smaller than a scale of 1.5” to the foot, either replacing POD or being installed somewhere else in the city of Providence, RI.

Please visit the Open Exhibition page to see a small body of Chris's very talented sculpture. To view more of his work please visit Chris's website.







Aria Dellcorta

Aria Dellcorta’s world consists of paints and brushes, forms, colors, shapes, and magical moments. When she paints, everything around her just stops… the world decomposes, and there is nothing in existence. It is just Aria plugged into the connection of a never-ending source of ideas flowing through her soul and the painting process begins. In her "Energizers" abstract paintings Aria uses abstraction and color harmony to express the ideas she accumulates from the Universe and combine them with what is going on inside her and her soul. Aria is intrigued by the fleeting balance between strength and fragility, tranquility, action, connection in the universe, nature, and the human mind. Every painting she makes is a piece of her artistic answer to those “searches”. She uses mixed media and Magic light, so paintings glow in the dark and the "unseen" reveals.

Aria has been a full-time fine artist since 2004 while studying art at the Department of Fine Arts at University of Maribor, Faculty of Education in Slovenia, EU. As a student she received a scholarship for talented young art students from the municipality of Maribor and in 2006 she successfully completed her Bachelor’s degree in Abstract Painting. Since 2004 Aria has had 43 solo and group exhibitions in Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Italy and Serbia and earned few Gallery Awards. She participated and painted live in the 54th Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises Mondiales (FCEM) World Congress.

Through her artistic work Aria explores a deeper part of her psyche; she uses abstract forms, intuitive color transitions, and Magic Light. She paints primarily with acrylics and successfully experiments with mixed media; many layers of different materials, paints and pigments. Aria’s subtle invention gives paintings the freedom to be playful, colorful abstractions at day time and mysteriously glow at night and thus her “Energizers” reveal themselves to the viewer. What is hidden at daytime secretly reveals itself at nigh in the intimacy and privacy of the viewer’s world. As dreams reflect one’s subconsciousness in sleep, forms on Aria’s canvases change completely in the dark - they become subtle, light, shining, and encourage the viewer to search the most intimate hidden facets of his/her soul.

As Aria honors life, simplicity, love, freedom, peace, curiosity, and inspiration, her paintings reflect her personal spiritual journey and her free-spirited nature.

Please visit the Open Exhibition page to see a small body of Aria's very talented artwork. To purchase any of these beautiful paintings or see more of Aria's artwork please visit her website.





Kathrine Geoghegan

Kathrine Geoghegan is not that kind of a botanical artist that works to a strict scientific discipline. Rather she uses the forms and colours of native Irish plants to convey an emotion, a feeling, a message. Geoghegan's current work concerns itself with the collapse of the honey bee population. She wishes to raise awareness of this problem for all of us.

Bees have sustained farming practices as far back as 4500 years and are the most important pollinator of crops and native plant species. Three-quarters of our wild plants rely on insects for pollination, and bees are most important. Crops such as apples, tomatoes, strawberries and raspberries are reliant on bees for pollination.  Without the honey bee, farming practices would have to change drastically. Hand-pollination by humans would become necessary and lead to increases in food prices. Our bees are amongst the most hardworking and undervalued contributors to agriculture.

Bees are extremely sensitive to pesticide use. They are falling prey to monoculture. They are also losing habitat. Through her work, Geoghegan wishes to draw attention to this and help to open a conversation which would help to encourage bee-friendly farming practices.  Could governments sponsor research into methods of cutting down pesticide use? Could they incentivise farmers and land owners to reserve bee-friendly plant borders around their fields? Can they afford not to?

Kathrine has walked the fields around her home in County Kildare, Ireland. She has observed the native plants growing on the borders of crop fields. They would not survive without bees. Geoghegan's paintings feature these plants. Through the beauty of the forma and colours of these plants, she wishes to convey a sober message.

Please visit the Open Exhibition page to see a small body of Kathrine's very talented artwork. To purchase any of these beautiful paintings or see more of Kathrine's artwork please visit her website.



John Jaster

John Jaster was born in Columbus Ohio, and for the past 20 years has lived in the mountains of Southern California. Although John learned to draw and paint as a young boy, it wasn't until 2010, when his wife encouraged him to start painting again, that he began to take his art career seriously. Since then John has been selected in a number of gallery shows and juried contests, including the National Oil & Acrylic Painter's Society 2013 International On-line Exhibition and 2014 Best in America show. John's Carousel Horse #1 was featured in the June 2014 issue the Artist's magazine Competition Spotlight.

Recently John has been living and working in Dayton Ohio. Many of the scenes of his recent paintings are taken from the woodland parks and scenic back roads in the area. His 'Fountain Frolic', a painting depicting children playing in the fountains at RiverScape Metropark is hanging in the Governor's Offices as part of the Ohio Art loan program.

Please visit the Open Exhibition page to see a small body of John's very talented artwork. To purchase any of these beautiful paintings or see more of John's artwork please visit his website.



Marleen Lorek

Marleen Lorek was born in 1981 in the east of Germany where she still lives and works. She grew up in a small idyllic village in the beautiful green heart of Germany. At the age of 20, painting stepped into her life.

As an autodidact she started with watercolor painting, later she also added acrylic painting. The acrylic painting is still a prominent part of her works. Experimental and abstract works of art develop, which are composed by diverse materials. Marleen works with different structural pastes, sand, various types of paper, wood, wire, mirror and all things she can find. However, the passion towards experimental expression drives her search for new materials.

Her works of art are saturated by their spatial and colorful floating designs. Through painting she has found another level of creativity which perfectly balances out her regular work as a lighting designer for rock concerts, gala events and touring productions. She loves these opposites in her life.

Please visit the Open Exhibition page to see a small body of Marleen's very talented artwork. To purchase any of these beautiful paintings or see more of Marlene's artwork please visit her website.


Nancy Pallowick

Nancy Pallowick is a Florida based photographer. She doesn’t initially intend to produce a photograph about a subject matter. Some of her most successful photographs are about being in the right place at the right time. The interplay of light and color inspire her to continually seek out instances that combine the two. Whether an amazing sunset occurs or the presence of light insinuates itself into the environment she is in, Nancy hopes to have the presence of mind and the skill to be able to capture that moment. She is never without a camera, so she is constantly seeking photographs of the environment around her.

Nancy studied with a professor who taught her how to see things differently, how to look at something and see the hidden depths of an object. He taught Nancy not only how to see that, but how to capture it in a photograph. Everyone takes something a little different from the same picture and she is happy with that.

Please visit the Open Exhibition page to see a small body of Nancy's very talented photography. To purchase any of these beautiful photographs or see more of Nancy's artwork please email her.


Steven Paulsen

Steven Paulsen is a fine artist working in San Diego, California. Steve has a BFA in Illustration, from the Laguna College of Art & Design, in Laguna Beach, Ca. He has worked as a fine artist and animator for the past two decades, most notably working on projects for the Playstation consoles at Sony, in San Diego. His work varies in style from highly detailed representational oil and acrylic paintings, to eye and mind bending op art.

Steven finds his inspiration in 'tricking' the viewer into believing that they are seeing something that they are not. Whether that means a warping canvas or blurring colors without the use of gradation, or creating the feeling of a three dimensional object popping off the canvas, his goal is to always create an interesting and entertaining experience for the audience.

Please visit the Open Exhibition page to see a small body of Steven's very talented artwork. To purchase any of these beautiful paintings or see more of Steven's artwork please visit his website.





Mark Riley

Mark Riley was born and raised in La Porte, Indiana. As long as he can remember, he has always loved art. His first drawings were Disney cartoon characters and elaborate designs on grade school workbooks. He enjoyed creating school murals for various holidays during the school year.

Mark was fortunate to have had a wonderful high school art teacher who stressed the basics of drawing and art history. There, Mark was introduced to all the art movements throughout history, where He developed an affinity for Winslow Homer, Johannes Vermeer and Robert Vickrey. In 1966, with a partial State scholarship, Mark enrolled in Herron Art Institute in Indianapolis. There he was exposed to many new concepts that were prevalent at the time, before joining the Army in 1968. After Viet Nam, he was very fortunate to have been accepted to Notre Dame University partially based on winning the E.C. Minas Memorial award at the Northern Indiana Art Salon, an Indiana State Tri Kappa 4th place, and an interview with the Director of the Art Department.

Mark’s reason for doing art is to capture the viewer’s attention that they may observe something in the painting that they may not noticed in their daily activities in the world. His hope is they may appreciate the “significance of the moment” no matter how seemingly insignificant it may seem. His goal is, likewise, to learn to be sensitive to the significance of all things.

In recent years, Mark received the Zenobia Brake Award at the Stockton Art League Juried Exhibition at the Haggin Museum. At the Arizona State Fair, Mark Received 1st place for watercolor, 1st and 2nd place for Acrylic, and the Directors Award in Acrylic. Since 1979 Mark and his wife have raised 3 sons in Phoenix. He has worked as a graphic artist for a major Aerospace company and does creative art in his spare time.

Please visit the Open Exhibition page to see a small body of Mark's very talented artwork. To purchase any of these beautiful paintings or see more of Steven's artwork please visit email him directly.


Darko Stanic

Darko Stanic was born in 1978 in Sarajevo. He graduated from the (Secondary) School for Applied Arts in 1997 in Sarajevo. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, Department of Sculpture, in 2002 as the valedictorian of his class. He received his MFA in 2008. He has been member of the BH Association of Fine Artists (ULUBIH) since 2002. He is currently teaching at the Department of Sculpture, Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. He is an awarded artist who participated in international biennials, arts festivals, and exhibited independently and with other artists.

Please visit the Open Exhibition page to see a small body of Darko's very talented sculpture. To purchase any of these beautiful sculptures or see more of Darko's artwork please email him.



Vicky Talwar

Vicky Talwar is a Canadian-born Visual Fine Artist. With a lifelong passion for painting, Vicky takes inspiration from her south-Asian heritage and the tranquility of the natural world.

She has exhibited in multiple art galleries in Toronto. She has showcased her paintings in a juried exhibition at the Junction Arts Festival, an avant-garde mix-arts gala in Toronto. She also exhibited in the Distillery District and hosted a solo exhibition at AWOL Gallery in Toronto. Vicky recently exhibited her work at Agora Gallery and Caelum Gallery in New York, United States of America, REN Gallery in Los Angeles, California, and at Las Laguna Gallery in Laguna Beach, California.

Vicky holds a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Ontario College of Art and Design and a Bachelor of Education from York University. She is currently an art educator for the York Region District School Board.

Please visit the Open Exhibition page to see a small body of Vicky's very talented artwork. To purchase any of these beautiful paintings or see more of Vicky's artwork please visit her website.



Gary Thomas

Gary Thomas, born in 1947, has been painting since the age of 15. Although he has studied many methods, in these pieces he is exploring nonobjective abstract. Abstract he refers to as "Interfusion."

He has a deep appreciation for the work of the many great artist who have proceeded him. Each school of thought conveys a sense of direction which he has elaborated upon and extended to a new height of development, adding his own conception to achieve a new harmonious melding of styles. Thus the term " Interfusion." Nothing can be more important in a work of art than "Truth". The painting will reveal itself by ringing true or not, in the heart of the viewer, on it's own merits. The viewer need not have a degree in fine art in order to recognize the phenomenal gift of aesthetic power and beauty as the eye reacts to what it sees.

The image of the abstract structure gives the impression that something important is going on behind the superficial " splatts". The painting is alive with passion, vitality and compelling beauty. It is - "Interfusion." It literally takes years upon years to reach a point where an artist has honed his or her skills to such a mark of excellence that it is a natural practice to transfer the passion from the heart, straight out the tip of the brush and onto the surface the artist is working on. Gary feels that remaining true to the art by following his heart is the key. Sooner or later it is destined to prevail and result in beautiful rewards.

Please visit the Open Exhibition page to see a small body of Gary's very talented artwork. To purchase any of these beautiful artworks or see more of Gary's please visit his website.