Women Artists Quarterly Group Art ExhibitionJanuary 15, 2018 - April 14, 2018

Best in Show
"The Taking of Carina"
by Carina Jimenez

Oil on Panel - 40.06" x 49.56" - $1,000

Best in Show
(Digital Art & Photography)
by Sheri Emerson

Digital Photo Artwork – 24” x 16" - $250

stone sculpture

Best in Show
"Mystery Within"
by Marina Smelik

Stone - 20" x 13" x 11" - $2,400


Welcome to Fusion Art's Women Artists International Quarterly Group Art Exhibition.

For it's 5th quarterly art exhibition Fusion Art is celebrating Women Artists. Historically women artists have not received the respect and recognition that their talent deserves and Fusion Art wanted to honor the greatness and talent of women artists.  For this open (no theme) competition, the gallery invited both 2D and 3D submissions from women artists, only, regardless of their location or their experience or education in the art field. All women artists, over the age of 18 were encouraged to submit their best representational or abstract art and photography.

We were humbled and honored at the response we received to this competition. Due to the number and quality of the entries that were received we have expanded the prizes to include Best in Show awards in all three categories (Traditional, Digital & Photography and 3-Dimensional). All 3 Best in Show winners will receive invitations to the 3rd Annual Group Show in Palm Springs, California in November.

As a result of this response and the overall growth of these quarterly exhibitions, we are now restructuring all our quarterly online exhibitions. In addition to now awarding Best in Show in all the quarterly exhibitions, we will award Honorable Mention in each category. The number of Honorable Mention awards will depend on the number and quality of the entries received.  For the Women Artists Exhibition we have given Honorable Mention to an additional nine women in each category.

We once again received a diverse collection of quality artwork from artists all around the world including the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Philippines, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Zambia, Israel, Japan, Romania, Cyprus, Morocco, Armenia, India, Scotland, and R. Macedonia.

The Best in Show winners are Carina Jimenez for her oil on panel, "The Taking of Carina", Sheri Emerson for her digital photo artwork, "Papillon" and Marina Smelik for her stone sculpture, '"The Mystery Within." Carina, Sheri and Marina, as the Best in Show winners, are invited to participate in Fusion Art's 3rd Annual Group Show in Palm Springs in November 2018.

In addition to the Best in Show awards, nine honorable mention awards in each category were given. Honorable Mention awards in the Traditional category were given to Marti White for her mixed media, "Crown Jewels", Laara Cassells for her acrylic on canvas, "Adeline", Rhea Cutillo for her oil on wood, "Cultivation Killed the Wildlife", Anastiscia Chantler Lang for her pastel, pencil and pen on paper, "Wildfire", Rebecca Case for her scratchboard, "Awaiting Flight School", Jayshree Shah for her oil on canvas, "Glory Trap", Natalie Reilly for her acrylic on canvas, "California Dreamin'...again", Lisa Daniels for her acrylic, "Spa Day", and Candace Cima for her watercolor, "Urban Boredom."

Honorable Mention awards in the Digital & Photography category were given to Esther Byrt for her digital manipulation, "Transformation", Sandra Kuprion-Thomas for her digital photograph, "Sunrise Lake Matheson 3", Megan Conaty for her digital archival print, "Untitled", Erin McCluskey for her digital photograph, "Antelope Canyon", Angela Amias for her digital mixed media, "She Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve", Nancy Pallowick for her photograph, "Graffiti", Michelle Webb for her digital painting, "Aberdeen", and Barbara Mierau-Klein for her digital photograph, "A Matter of Time."

Honorable Mention awards in the 3-Dimensional category were given to Lisa Battle for her ceramic, "Ritual", Katty Smith for her clay, "The House that Built Me", Loretta Ana Kaufman for her hand built stoneware, "Double Monologues I: The Celia Series", Martie Geiger-Ho for her cone 1 slip cast whiteware, slip & glaze, "Collection Box with Deconstructed Self", Kim Thoman for her oil paint & welded steel, "They 5", Stephanie Schafer for her magazine collage on styrofoam head, "Under my Skin - The Dark and Light", Hsun-yuan Hsu for her clay and glaze, "Snake Fruit", Holly Deckard for her ceramic, "Love" and Lynne Hanson for her cottonwood, vintage & contemporary seed beads, fiberglass, plaster, mixed media, "Roan."

Please visit the Monthly Winners Page to learn more about each of these award winning artists and/or to contact them directly about their work. The remaining finalists in the exhibition all exemplify uniquely creative talents and we're honored to showcase their artwork on the Fusion Art website.

As always, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the competition participants. While not all the artwork and artists who submitted was selected for inclusion in the exhibition this in not necessarily a reflection on any one artist's talent and/or skill.  It takes courage for artists to offer up their art up for critique by others and all the artists should be applauded for their efforts. We appreciate all of you sharing your extraordinary talent with us.

For anyone interested in purchasing any of the artwork in this exhibition, please contact the artists directly. Fusion Art does not engage in selling the artwork featured in any of its monthly online exhibitions. All purchase inquiries should be directed to the artist. You will find the artist's website and/or email information below their work.

Thank you for visiting our website and enjoy the exhibition!


Traditional Honorable Mention Winners

Honorable Mention
"Crown Jewels”
by Marti White

Mixed Media

Honorable Mention
by Laara Cassells

Acrylic on Canvas
38" x 25.75" - $3,200

Honorable Mention
"Cultivation Killed the Wildlife”
by Rhea Cutillo

Oil on Wood – 36” x 36” - $3,000

Honorable Mention
by Anastiscia Chantler Lang

Pastel/Color Pencil/Pen on Paper
16” x 20” - $650

Honorable Mention
"Awaiting Flight School”
by Rebecca Case

Scratchboard - 8" x 8" - $625

Honorable Mention
"Glory Trap”
by Jayshree Shah

Oil on Canvas - 48" x 60" - $2,700

Honorable Mention
"California Dreamin'...again”
by Natalie Reilly

Acrylic on Canvas – 24” x 20” - $480

Honorable Mention
"Spa Day”
by Lisa Daniels

Acrylic – 60” x 84”

Honorable Mention
"Urban Boredom”
by Candace Cima

Watercolor - 20" x 14" - $1,200


Digital & Photography Honorable Mention Winners

Honorable Mention
(Digital Art & Photography)
by Esther Byrt

Digital Manipulation

Honorable Mention
(Digital Art & Photography)
"Sunrise Lake Matheson 3”
by Sandra Kuprion-Thomas

Digital Photography

Honorable Mention
(Digital Art & Photography)
by Megan Conaty

Digital Archival Print - 8" x 10" - $100

Honorable Mention
(Digital Art & Photography)
"A Matter of Time”
by Barbara Mierau-Klein

Digital Photography - Size & Price Upon Request

Honorable Mention
(Digital Art & Photography)
"Antelope Canyon”
by Erin McCluskey

Digital Photography - 8.89” x 11.56”

Honorable Mention
(Digital Art & Photography)
"She Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve”
by Angela Amias

Digital Mixed Media

Honorable Mention
(Digital Art & Photography)
by Nancy Pallowick

Photography - 10" x 15" - $250

Honorable Mention
(Digital Art & Photography)
by Michelle Webb

Digital Painting


3-Dimensional Honorable Mention Winners

ceramic sculpture

Honorable Mention
by Lisa Battle

Ceramic - 23" x 13" x 12" - $3,000

Honorable Mention
"The House That Built Me"
by Katty Smith

Clay - 17" x 10" x 8"

Honorable Mention
"Double Monologues I: The Celia Series"
by Loretta Ana Kaufman

Hand Built Stoneware - 14” x 6" x 5"

wall sculpture

Honorable Mention
"Collection Box with Deconstructed Self"
by Martie Geiger-Ho

Cone 1 Slip Cast Whiteware, Slip & Glaze - 15" x 10" x 4" - $1,000

Honorable Mention
"They 5"
by Kim Thoman

Oil Paint & Welded Steel
82" x 52" x 10" - $9,500

Honorable Mention
"Under my Skin
The Dark and Light"
by Stephanie Schafer

Magazine Collage on
Styrofoam Head
10" x 7"- $100

Honorable Mention
"Snake Fruit"
by Hsun-yuan Hsu

Clay and Glaze
Large fruit: 13” x 8” x 7”
Small fruit: 5” x 4.5” x 3.5”


Honorable Mention
by Holly Deckard

Ceramic Sculpture - 21" X 9" X 8" – NFS

Honorable Mention
by Lynne Hanson

Cottonwood, Vintage & Contemporary Seed Beads,
Fiberglass, Plaster, Mixed Media
19" x 26" x 13" - NFS


Exhibition Finalists

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